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Do you believe in building strong communities? Be it personally or professionally.

The word “leader” would not mean the same if it weren’t for the team that backs the leader up and vice-versa.
This time, GLS Middle East offers you an option to HOST your own GLS experience with GLS LOCALE. It enables you to run the summit with a group of 5+ members at your own venue on the same dates as GLS Middle East.
Watch: How Can I Host A GLS Locale – All You Need to know!
As a leader in your community, you understand when leaders get better, whole communities get better too, so this is a perfect opportunity to empower the women and men within your circle of influence, at your business, and in your community.
Attend the GLS’22 with your team, because a team that attends GLS together, stays together & works better!
Register Now For GLS'22

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