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You Have Influence

And Your Leadership Health Matters….

Invest in your leadership and join hundreds of thousands of curious, growth-minded, change-driven women and men like you for the premier leadership event of 2023 – The Global Leadership Summit.

You will experience rich, high-impact, inspiring sessions, and learn from a diverse faculty who will share their wisdom and practical perspective to support you in your leadership growth.

and your leadership matters!

Invest in your leadership and join hundreds of thousands of curious, growth-minded, change-driven women and men like you for the premier leadership event of 2023 – The Global Leadership Summit.

You will experience rich, high-impact, inspiring sessions, and learn from a diverse faculty who will share their wisdom and practical perspective to support you in your leadership growth.  BOOK NOW FOR GLS23

We have TWO OPTIONS to help you engage with the Summit here in the Middle East.


New in 2022/23, …with a group of 5 -10 people or more you can hold your own Global Leadership Summit! Gather your staff team, invite your congregation, rally your connect group, or even consider hosting your local community influencers for what could be a life-changing experience!

This ultimate empowerment option allows you to shape the facilitation to your specific situation or group dynamic and run GLS 23 at your own venue on the same dates of GLS Middle East.

How to "Host a GLS LOCALE"?


GLS23 will be again offered as a dynamic 1-day ONLINE leadership experience featuring a high-quality program and using a simple to access platform for which, the link will be sent to you via your email . This option provides accessibility and flexibility for every person across MiddleEast seeking to grow their leadership.

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Saturday 4th Feb 2023

Actionable LEADERSHIP insights and INSPIRATION!

Whether you’re a business leader, CEO, pastor, teacher, nurse, student, artist, parent, doctor, volunteer, entrepreneur, or simply finding your place, you have influence. Every day you impact those around you through your influence—for better or worse, in both big and small ways. During a season that may have depleted your energy, stunted your growth or left you in the dark, it’s time to rediscover a new hope for your future in order to amplify the positive difference you can make.

Your leadership matters. When you invest in developing your leadership skills, you also give back to everyone around you. You strengthen your relationships, build trust in your team, innovate toward a better future and face challenges head-on with fresh perspective—not only do you thrive, but your family thrives, your business thrives, your church thrives and your community thrives.

For more than 25 years, The Global Leadership Summit has delivered leadership insights with attendees reporting positive outcomes. (based on independent research by Excellence in Giving).


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their productivity


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their job satisfaction


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved the quality of their work


“agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS materials helped them teach others about leadership

Gain insights from a WORLD-CLASS leadership faculty

Experience an exceptional program to help you forge ahead with clarity of vision and new energy.

Global Leadership Summit always features world-class speakers. Past alumni have included Craig Groeschel, Patrick Lencioni, T.D. Jakes, Marcus Buckingham, Simon Sinek, Juliet Funt, Dr Henry Cloud and John C. Maxwell just to name a few!

In 2021 we’ve convened a unique group of world-class faculty who will share their distinct perspectives, inspiring and equipping you with practical skills you can apply right away.

Faculties Listed for GLS Dubai 2023


What ATTENDEES in the MiddleEast are saying

Each year the GLS is an infusion of fresh ideas, actionable concepts, leadership principles and heartfelt inspiration. Here’s why leaders prioritise the GLS.

Joel Indrupathi

“The stories, thoughts, insights, principles and simple practical applications we get to hear at the GLS make us better individuals. And then, becoming better leaders is but a natural and obvious advancement. Attending GLS makes all of us at our organization revitalized and re-energized as a team..”

Juan Vega

“GLS is a great opportunity to understand better how you can influence positively in others life, both personally and professionally. Also gives you actionable inputs to grow your leadership and people management skills. Highly recommended!.”

Dr. Jaison Mathai

“I look forward to GLS every time because I have been inspired and challenged each time I have attended the GLS. It’s a time to refresh, focus, recharge and at the same time to allow my vision to be enlarged.”

Lijo Joy Mathew

“I have been impacted and over the years become a better leader because of the tools & applications Ive received through GLS. They provide inspiring leadership stories and great frameworks to become a better leader”

Ella Cole

“I love that GLS brings together some of the world’s inspiring and influential thought leaders who generously share their rich stories and experiences that anyone could learn a lot from, whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO. It’s truly worth my time and investment each year..”

Szilvia Olah

“My favorite event of the year. The summit deploys a great variety of leadership approaches and there is something for everyone. But what I truly enjoy is that it makes you think and question your own leadership style and the way you manage people. Do you want to experience cognitive dissonance? Attend the summit! I have bought few Team Editions back to my colleagues and they absolutely loved them..”

“My first GLS was a memorable experience. It challenged me to relentlessly pursue and live out my calling actively on a daily basis. GLS helps reinforce deep truths that are valuable regardless of life or societal status. We are all called to influence and lead. We are all a work in progress, and should pursue excellence by desiring to serve at our best capacity and potential. I encourage you to attend the next Summit and challenge yourself to expanding your global perspective as one who has so much untapped potential waiting to be explored.”

“Since the launch of GLS in Dubai, we have encouraged our Life Group Leaders to attend the summit. We have seen an improvement in their confidence as they lead their groups. Some have even come out of their comfort zone and embraced the truth that they have been called by God to lead. They are becoming better leaders in their communities.”

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Gain Insights From A World-class Leadership Faculty

Experience high-impact sessions to help you forge ahead with clarity of vision and new energy. Areas of expertise our faculty explores include: Cultivating Innovation, Building Trust, Maximizing Productivity, Overcoming Fear, Influencing Change, Managing Conflict, Improving Workplace Civility, Casting Vision and so much more!

Ron-Howard - GLNME

Ron Howard


The Leadership Genius Behind a Hollywood Legend 

Anyone who has succeeded in the business of Hollywood for as long as Ron Howard would have to be called a legend. Transitioning from a child actor to an Academy Awarding-winning filmmaker, all the while creating a thriving personal and family life, is something to emulate. Hear about his new film, Thirteen Lives, and listen in as Erwin Raphael McManus draws out the secrets behind Ron Howard’s success. In this interview, explore the process of telling a great story, building trust that produces long and rewarding partnerships, navigating imposter syndrome, and creating a culture where everyone thrives.

Stephanie-Chung - GLNME

Stephanie Chung


Adapting Your Leadership for Today’s Challenges 

Based on the most recent survey from Edelman Trust Barometer, distrust is at an all-time high. Employees now trust you—their workplace leader—more than they trust government officials or media professionals! This makes the relationship with you incredibly important. With leaders now being thrust into this new role, the question remains, “do you have the capabilities to fulfill it?” Whether or not you are in an official leadership role, you have influence to help address today’s challenges. If you have ever questioned your ability to lead and respond during these unprecedented times, join Stephanie Chung as she helps us explore the three core competencies it will take to navigate this new leadership space with confidence.


Andy Stanley


Not in It to Win It 

When life is predictable, it’s natural to lose sight of what we value most, what we fear most. But when a tsunami of uncertainty rolls in, things get real, quick. Uncertainty doesn’t alter our value system. It exposes it. The recent political, social, economic, and health crises didn’t cause Christians to mis prioritize our values. These events simply exposed what’s been true for a long time. While our actions don’t always tell the whole story, our reactions most certainly do. We have argued with our brothers and sisters and treated our neighbors with suspicion. But it does not have to be this way. In this talk, Andy Stanley will provide a blueprint for fostering unity in a divided world.


Sahar Hashemi


Unlocking the Startup Mentality in Your Organization 

Especially after the past few years, leaders everywhere are asking questions like: How can I become more agile? More open to change? How can we grow but keep that start up spirit? Can stable, established organizations truly harness the same creativity and innovative spirit that marks startups? Join Sahar Hashemi as she uses her experience as both an entrepreneur and someone working with large organizations, to dismantle the excuses that have previously stifled entrepreneurial behavior in big companies. She believes acting like a startup is not complicated and doesn’t require any new skills. It’s simple, intuitive, and in fact, very human. Come away with tangible ways to bring a startup mindset to your organization.


Johnny C Taylor Jr


The Critical Role of Empathy in Leadership

The divisiveness in our world has left us isolated. We have lost much of our ability to work together which we know achieves far more than working alone. Empathy is the pivot point in building our connections, in building our trust in each other, in building a better world. As a leader in the world of work, Johnny has seen first-hand how empathetic workplaces are better workplaces. Whether you lead in an office or volunteer in a homeless shelter, in this talk, explore the powerful role empathy plays in every human relationship and every collective endeavor.


Lynsi Snyder


The Heart Behind In-N-Out Burger 

Get behind the scenes of one of the most popular restaurants and discover why Glassdoor has rated it as one of the best places to work. Hear from Owner and President, Lynsi Snyder as Paula Faris pursues a raw and honest conversation unpacking Lynsi’s journey to create her own stamp of leadership while mindful of the trail that was blazed by family members before her. Enhance your self-leadership toolbox by exploring how to lead strong amidst challenges, maintain your team’s focus in an ever-changing environment, and create a culture of servant leadership.


Bob Iger


The Ride of a Lifetime 

Whether you lead in a corporate or ministry environment, every leader must grapple with being relevant to reach a changing culture while being faithful to your organization’s history. Drawing from his book, The Ride of a Lifetime, Bob Iger joins Paula Faris for a fireside chat sharing how he has navigated this delicate balance and what lessons he has learned after writing his book and leading through the pandemic. Walk away with how you can lean into the power of optimism, assess risk, navigate industry disruption, and build bridges with those whose values might be different than your own.


Deb Liu


Take Back Your Power

When you hear the word POWER, what comes to mind?  Most leaders have an uncomfortable relationship with the word. Should they want it? And, how to handle it if they have it?  Join Deb Liu to unpack the myths, misuse, and place of power in your leadership. Discover how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones, seek out support allies, and make your unique mark in this world.


Judah Smith


Leading with Pain 

Often as leaders we think about leading through pain. But what if we must lead with it? What if it never goes away? What do we do with the pain that never leaves? Join us as Judah takes an honest look at how we handle the problems and the challenges that seem to perpetuate as our leadership grows. In this talk, explore new ways to lead with pain.


Vanessa Van Edwards


The Science of Connection 

As a leader navigating the daily whirlwind of conversations, agendas, and goals, how can we deeply and authentically connect with those around us? Join researcher, Vanessa Van Edwards as she explores the three levels of connection and how you can use masterful conversation strategies to unlock deeper levels of trust with the people around you. Building connections utilizes the relational strength of your team (or your family) to accomplish the great mission you have before you.


Jon Acuff


Building a Winning Mindset 

Most leaders are aware of the importance of mindset, that our thoughts turn into our actions, which turn into our results. At the same time, self-defeating, repetitive thoughts—which New York Times best-selling author Jon Acuff calls “Soundtracks”—can undermine our efforts to develop and maintain a positive and effective mindset. In this talk, Jon will help you and your team learn how to start developing a winning mindset by retiring the broken soundtracks that have been holding you back and replacing them with new ones that propel you forward.


Dr. Heidi Grant


The Science of Leveraging a Growth Mindset 

Decades of motivation science tells us that the single most powerful thing we can do to thrive through uncertainty and challenge is to shift our thinking by adopting a growth mindset. In this talk, Dr. Heidi Grant will help you identify your own mindset in the moment; and build new everyday habits in your professional and personal life that can enhance your creativity, resilience, and wellbeing. In addition, explore ways to lead with a growth mindset to bring out the best in others and support them through big changes.


Craig Groeschel


Lead Like It Matters

Have you ever been around a leader where it matters? They do something that draws you in, something that makes a difference in the whole team and in the whole culture. In this talk, join Craig as he explores four sometimes elusive and intangible qualities that can make all the difference in your leadership. Walk away with how you can be the kind of leader that is passionate, strategic, and obsessed with leading like it matters.