VIP GLS (The Summit) 2022 – GLS Locale @ The Fridge


Wondering what it could be like to be at a VIP GLS LocaleThe Fridge (limited to a cohort of 50 delegates only)

At the Global Leadership Summit, we’ve learned that learning happens better in communities. That’s why we’re hosting a VIP GLS Locale “in-person” event at The Fridge on March 27th 2022 with VIP tickets for those who want to experience GLS ME 2022 in its fullness including live music, hosting, facilitation & the joy of networking including some coffee and delectables. Join us and be part of this Cohort of 45-50 that pushes boundaries, find out more about the event details @

Date March 27th, 2022
Time 2.30 PM to 7.50 PM (UTC+04:00)
Location    Al Serkal Avenue – The Fridge


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Opener (02.50pm)

Art form - Jazz on Sax

GLS Intro (03.00pm)

Opening Remarks

Speaker 1 (03.04pm)

Craig Groeschel
Expanding your Leadership Capacity

– Facilitation(03.47pm)(20 Mins)

Speaker 2 (04.13pm)

Juliet Funt
A Minute to Think

Tea Break (04.39pm) (10 Mins)

Speaker 3 (04.49pm)

Malcolm Gladwell
Urgency of a Leader

– Facilitation(05.13pm)(20 Mins)

Leadership Short (05.23pm)

Edgar Sandoval
Pursuing a  Breakthrough

Snack Break (05.29pm) (30 mins)

Opener (06.00pm)

Art Form - Transition Jazz on Sax

Speaker 4 (06.03pm)

Richard Montanez
Ownership Inspiration and Impact

– Facilitation(06.30pm)(20 Mins)

Leadership Short (06.50pm)

Carla Harris - Be an Inclusive Leader

Closing Remarks (06.55pm)

 Closing Remarks

Speaker 5 (06.58pm)

Albert Tate
Find your Groove

Thanks & Bye (07.38pm)

Jeremy Cole

Rich Wilkerson Jr.

The Grind of Leadership

A.R Bernard

Extraordinary Leadership

Shola Richards

Require Civility to Lead

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Choose to Lead

Dr.Henry Cloud

Leadership and Mental Health

Grander Vision

Lori Whitman

Leadership Short

Conditions for Creativity
Fredrik Haran

Ibukun Awosika

Only You Can Choose

GLS Locale @ The Fridge

  • GLS Locale – at the Fridge will be limited to 50 delegates for invited  registrants.
  • All registrants for the GLS Locale will be receiving VOD of the 27th sessions + additional Bonus of 5 sessions FREE
  • IF registrants are not able to attend for Live & in-person on 27th for any reason (GLS Locale @ The Fridge), VOD of 27th and all additional sessions will be available to watch for 30days.

You have influence- how are you using it?

The Global Leadership Summit is your infusion of fresh ideas, actionable concepts, leadership. Principles and heartfelt inspiration. This is your opportunity to access a wealth of leadership. Insight from a world-class faculty ready to equip and inspire you in your leadership.No matter where you have influence. Join us in a movement of more than 420,000 people Learning together in 135 countries this year

GLS Locale

New in 2022, with just 5 or more people you can hold your own Global Leadership Summit! 

Gather your staff team, invite your congregation, rally your connect group, or even consider hosting your local community for what could be a life-changing experience!

This ultimate empowerment option allows you to shape the facilitation to your specific situation or group dynamic and run GLS 2022 at your own Locale. 

Please Note:

  • Each ticket provides access to an individual viewer to participate in the GLS Middle East GLS Locale experience. (ie if watching as a GLS Locale with the Group rate, kindly ensure that all in the team are registered.
  • Your unique individual Ticket will be emailed to you a few days prior to the event, and a reminder email for such will follow with important information to enhance your VIP GLS Locale 2022 experience. 
  • Regrettably, no refunds, cancellations, or transfers to other events are available.
  • Transfer of tickets to other ticket holders / Non-ticket holders are the responsibility of the ticket holder.

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