VIP GLS – Test Drive


Wondering what it could be like to be at a VIP GLS LocaleThe Fridge (limited to a cohort of 50 delegates only)

At the Global Leadership Summit, we’ve learned that learning happens better in communities. That’s why we’re hosting a VIP GLS Locale “in-person” event at The Fridge on March 27th 2022 with VIP tickets for those who want to experience GLS ME 2022 in its fullness including live music, hosting, facilitation & the joy of networking including some coffee and delectables. Join us and be part of this Cohort of 45-50 that pushes boundaries, find out more about the event details @

Date March 26th, 2022
Time 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM (UTC+04:00)
Location    Al Serkal Avenue – The Fridge


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