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GLS Plus sessions are a series of "Value Add" Webinars designed to equip and encourage you and your team to lead. These webinars feature some of the very best speakers from the GLS and are made available between the year and the GLS event, specifically to encourage, motivate, and as well to address any given relevant topics of discussion in that period.

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Developing Leaders: A Talent Pipeline

Growth Strategies for Healthy Teams

Bringing More Good Leadership Into the World

Strategic Pause Launches Organization Forward

Bend the Curve with Craig Groeschel

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Leadership Structure

Episode 068: Leading Through Crisis with Craig Groeschel

Ep 081: Lies About Work, Marcus Buckingham & Kim Simios

Business Leader Finds New Purpose at the Summit, Sees His Companies Double in Size

Pilot’s Story Shows How Openness Leads to a Positive Multiplier Effect

Inspiration & Why It Matters

Leading Your Team Through Uncertainty

Episode 061: Devon Franklin and Jason Jaggard on Self-Discovery, Risk and Destiny

Episode 87: Unleashing the Power of Productivity with Charles Duhigg

Staying Emotionally Healthy as a Leader

Navigating Mixed Motives

How to Move from Stalled to a Growing Leadership Path Forward

Nurses Empowered by the Summit in Bolivia Lead Fight Against Virus

Dr. Francesca Gino on the Key to Doing Your Best at Work—GLS21 Faculty Spotlight

Michelle Poler on Fearing Less & Doing More – GLS21 Faculty Spotlight

Episode 063: Jia Jiang and Kim Simios on Overcoming Rejection

Ep 077: Multiply Your Time, Rory Vaden & Jason Jaggard