2.30 PM – 7.50 PM | 27 MAR 2022 | In-Person
(Limited to only 50 Delegates on first come basis) (Start time 2.45 pm) 


Coming out of the most difficult years in recent history, we all felt the effects of deep pain, uncertainty and chaos. Let’s look at 3 critical Questions

– How do we continue to grow through those pains?
– How do we expand our capacity in a time of chaos?
– How do we achieve breakthrough results during these times?

At the Global Leadership Summit, you will learn how leaders transform their teams and their organization for breakthrough results. Get access to unique transformation strategies, leadership wisdom, world-class case studies, real-life experiences and best practices from Fortune 500 companies.


FEATRUED – Faculty Line up

Craig Groeschel

Juliet Funt

Malcolm Gladwell

Richard Montanez

Albert Tate

BONUS (ON DEMAND) – Faculty Line up

Rich Wilkerson Jr.

A.R. Bernard

Shola Richards

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Dr. Henry Cloud

Ibukun Awosika






World-Class CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Business Gurus will Inspire, Equip,
Educate & Empower you.

How to Move from Pain, Uncertainty & Chaos to Breakthrough Results!

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel will reveal the mindset, practical tools and strategies behind several success stories including an app that was installed in over 500 million devices across the world. He also shares how he turned a constraint into a major breakthrough that now impacts more than 1.3 Million people globally every month. In this talk, Craig Groeschel will be asking you to consider 3 questions to help you grow in your capacity to lead through the pain and uncertainty that challenges bring.

Craig Groeschel

Malcom Gladwell

Create a Culture of Breakthrough Innovation

Malcom Gladwell

One of the responsibilities of leadership, particularly when it comes to creating cultures and gearing towards innovation—is the need to focus on urgency. Join Malcom Gladwell, as he explores the untold stories of two leaders who accomplished breakthrough innovations. Discover what was behind these successes, and how their leaders utilized their influence to create urgency and give the permission to risk all for innovation.

Juliet Funt

How to move from being Burnt out, Overwhelmed to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness

Juliet Funt

Never before in professional history have burnt out teams needed to just take a minute. A minute of “time with no assignment” to think, or to breathe, ponder, plan and create. As the return to a physical work-space plays out, there is good news. We have a spectacular opportunity to hit refresh and design a work culture that serves us better than ever before, with thoughtful time as part of the recipe. In this talk, efficiency expert Juliet Funt will help you apply four-time tested ways you and your team can re-claim these vital minutes in your work and life.

How to take one revelation to revolutionize your life

Richard Montañez

Good ideas—world changing, paradigm-shifting ideas—can come from anyone and anywhere in an organization. Do you believe that? Richard Montañez did!. He was working as a janitor at Frito-Lay’s Rancho Cucamonga plant when he dreamed up a chile-covered Cheeto and believed in himself driven by a hunger to succeed. Flamin’ Hots became a runaway hit, and Montañez rose through the ranks and became an icon.

Richard Montañez

Dr. Henry Cloud

How to emerge stronger and build resilience from mentally challenging situations

Dr. Henry Cloud

In this talk, Dr. Henry Cloud will help you contextualize and face the struggles all leaders are experiencing when it comes to mental health. Walk away with ways to equip yourself to face these challenges. Whether you power through, run away—or address your pain in a different way—understand what is affecting you, how you can create a path to emerge stronger and pass that resilience on to others.


Joel Indrupathi

“The stories, thoughts, insights, principles and simple practical applications we get to hear at the GLS make us better individuals. And then, becoming better leaders is but a natural and obvious advancement. Attending GLS makes all of us at our organization revitalized and re-energized as a team..”

Juan Vega

“GLS is a great opportunity to understand better how you can influence positively in others life, both personally and professionally. Also gives you actionable inputs to grow your leadership and people management skills. Highly recommended!.”

Dr. Jaison Mathai

“I look forward to GLS every time because I have been inspired and challenged each time I have attended the GLS. It’s a time to refresh, focus, recharge and at the same time to allow my vision to be enlarged.”

Lijo Joy Mathew

“I have been impacted and over the years become a better leader because of the tools & applications Ive received through GLS. They provide inspiring leadership stories and great frameworks to become a better leader”

Ella Cole

“I love that GLS brings together some of the world’s inspiring and influential thought leaders who generously share their rich stories and experiences that anyone could learn a lot from, whether you’re an entrepreneur or CEO. It’s truly worth my time and investment each year..”

Szilvia Olah

“My favorite event of the year. The summit deploys a great variety of leadership approaches and there is something for everyone. But what I truly enjoy is that it makes you think and question your own leadership style and the way you manage people. Do you want to experience cognitive dissonance? Attend the summit! I have bought few Team Editions back to my colleagues and they absolutely loved them..”

“My first GLS was a memorable experience. It challenged me to relentlessly pursue and live out my calling actively on a daily basis. GLS helps reinforce deep truths that are valuable regardless of life or societal status. We are all called to influence and lead. We are all a work in progress, and should pursue excellence by desiring to serve at our best capacity and potential. I encourage you to attend the next Summit and challenge yourself to expanding your global perspective as one who has so much untapped potential waiting to be explored.”

“Since the launch of GLS in Dubai, we have encouraged our Life Group Leaders to attend the summit. We have seen an improvement in their confidence as they lead their groups. Some have even come out of their comfort zone and embraced the truth that they have been called by God to lead. They are becoming better leaders in their communities.”



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